Costume Jewelry

      I can’t remember when I started collecting vintage jewelry.   Flea Markets and Estate Sales are […]

Liebster Award

On January 30th, Suzy from At The Farm surprised me with the  Liebster Award.  I was thrilled and honored […]

Happy Hearts

    Some gifts are so lovely and thoughtful they take your breath away.  This heart necklace made […]

February Red

          My love of the color red is only outmatched by my love of […]

Mom Bracelet

        I made this bracelet for myself using a bracelet blank purchased on eBay, paper, […]

Date Night American Idiot

Date night Chicago:  opening night for American Idiot at the Oriental Theatre.  My son made me watch the […]

Senior Moment

After hearing from my parents how nice the weather was down in Florida, I thought I would hop a […]