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Vintage Vignette











This corner of my living room houses a few of my favorite things.  I have long had a love for vintage metal:  flower frogs, bookends, miniature buildings, embossers and most importantly gyroscopes in their original boxes.  And what else would go with vintage bookends?  Vintage books of all kinds.  The birthday books are always such fun to read as each day has a special saying or poem for the birthday girl.  The Adler Planetarium and the Shedd Aquarium were fun finds.  Still on the lookout for the Field Museum!

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Some of my favorites...

Costume Jewelry




I can’t remember when I started collecting vintage jewelry.   Flea Markets and Estate Sales are my favorite places to search for fun interesting pieces. I saw these cute wire figurines at Hobby Lobby and decided they would be perfect for a clip earring display.   Mr. & Mrs. greet me every morning and remind me if you have it, wear it and I do!

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What I’m Reading Now

Some of my favorites...

Liebster Award

On January 30th, Suzy from At The Farm surprised me with the  Liebster Award.  I was thrilled and honored that someone from Australia not only visited but also read my Blog and found it worthy to pass on.

I have since learned it is given to new Bloggers with less than 200 followers who have a lovely Blog. I was very touched by the gesture and do believe in passing it on.  The following Blogs are fun, interesting and creative.  Each have their own unique voice and reflect some of my personal interests as well.  I hope you will enjoy visiting them!

Erin from Just Grand.  A wonderful creative kitchen designer, blogger and friend. 

Rachel from Two Dog Pond.  Her original jewelry designs have a lovely vintage twist. 

Kristen from Knitionary.   Pearls of wisdom and an accomplished knitter.

Leslie from Abbey Road Designs.  Beautiful photography and  fun mixed media.

Linda from Me To Thee.  My heart still lies in rural Indiana where vintage thrives!

Liebster Award Recipients are asked to acknowledge the Blogger who presented them the award, display the award, pass it on to 5 other Bloggers with more or less than 200 followers who you feel your friends should visit.  Enjoy!

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Happy Hearts



Some gifts are so lovely and thoughtful they take your breath away.  This heart necklace made in the 70’s by Glass Works Studio was given to me by husband for Valentines Day and is one of those type of gifts.  To my children, Happy Valentines Day, you all deserve to have happy hearts.   JPM, I love you always, KAM.

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February Red






My love of the color red is only outmatched by my love of vintage etched glass.  Baskets, vases, wine glasses and more.  I find the pieces much more interesting and unusual than anything that is being produced today.  February is one of the months that those vases get a work out thanks to my husband.

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Some of my favorites...

Mom Bracelet





I made this bracelet for myself using a bracelet blank purchased on eBay, paper, glue and glass flower beads from Michaels.   As a Mom I wear many hats around here, but I felt this bracelet reflected who I am any given day of the year.  The daughter has been the one in most demand lately!

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Date Night American Idiot

Date night Chicago:  opening night for American Idiot at the Oriental Theatre.  My son made me watch the YouTube video’s last night.  I finally asked, “do you want to go?”  And his quick response, “no”.  At least he knew all about it!

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Destination Treasure Island







I made it!  I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to squeeze in a quick trip to one of my all time favorite antique shops.  Treasure Island is located at 950 Central Avenue in the heart of the antique district in Naples, Florida.  They have an absolutely exquisite collection of glass, silver, porcelain, pottery, paintings, books, vintage jewelry, furs and more!   I  loved the shell basket created by an local artist and the bird inkwell.   Treasure Island never disappoints as I always find something truly unique.  Going back in two weeks, can’t wait!

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Senior Moment

After hearing from my parents how nice the weather was down in Florida, I thought I would hop a flight and check it out myself.  Yesterday was sunny, blue skies and 80 plus degrees.  Beautiful!  Actually, I’m here doing Dr. duty, but I do get to hop in the pool late in the afternoons.  I hope to get to my favorite antique shop in Naples before I leave!

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