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Vintage Basket Pins






85 degrees yesterday.  That is Spring in Chicago!  I figured it’s time to put away the Christmas Tree pins and start wearing the basket pins.  Most of these are from the 1940’s when a woman didn’t leave the house without a pin on.  It was definitely a fashion statement and still is today.  I found this cute vintage display table when I was out and about with my good friend Bonnie.  She said I had to have it and she was absolutely right.

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Vote Today

Really.  It wasn’t that long ago that women didn’t have the right to vote.  My daughters who have grown up thinking a woman can do anything take this right for granted.  Don’t.  In Illinois, it’s time to get out there and vote today.

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Monday Morning

It’s Monday.  Need I say more?  I made the soap dispenser saying.  I’m not sure anyone here is listening.

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My Formerly Green Table















Crazy, I know, but this round oak table base used to be painted green.  We bought it this way at our neighbor’s garage sale before we closed on our first house.  My husband has never understood buying something that you don’t have room for.  I do that often and I’m still trying to explain the concept to him.    It took about 15 years for me to paint it black.  And after looking at these pictures, I can’t imagine why.  You had to admit it is so much better black!  One can of Krylon spray paint and we were done.  Now when I need a green fix, I get out the St. Patrick’s Day postcard placemats!

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March Madness



Let the games begin!  Someone in this house is a HUGE North Carolina fan.  Go figure.  It’s been this way since he was in third grade when he made that ceramic guy and continues today with the pictures on his bedroom wall.   However, there is only one person here that knows what Big Ten Hoosier basketball really looks like and she was on the Indiana campus in 1976 when they won the NCAA title.  So my picks have Indiana and North Carolina in the finals.  We’ll see.  Game on.

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Chalkboard Pantry Doors



Pantry Before Wendy's Visit


Pantry After Wendy's Visit


Before Organization


Shelves After Organization


I loved the idea of having a chalkboard in the mudroom and the pantry doors were the perfect canvas for the paint.  We leave each other messages, the grocery, chore and honey-do lists.    One day this summer I left this message for all the teenagers running through the house.

“If you take food out of the pantry, please put it away.”

Only to come home to find it changed to this:  “If you get food out of the pantry, enjoy it!”…………  Funny.

Today my friend Wendy came over after my 911 call to help me re-organize the pantry as it had gotten out way out of control.  She has a knack for knowing exactly how everything should be set up.  I didn’t even realize that we had a year’s supply of napkins, sandwich bags and tonic water.  Thank goodness for the tonic water!  Thanks Wendy!

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Bates Cotton Blankets






If my husband reads this post, I’m toast!  I’ve been secretly collecting vintage reversible cotton blankets for years.  I have them squirreled away in a closet hoping to use them someday in our Michigan cottage.  They take me back to the time I spent summers at my grandparent’s house during college.  The blue waffle blanket is from their bed.   I worked a summer job in South Bend, took classes, tutored and spent time with my grandfather.  My twenties.  I now see my three twenty somethings struggling through all those same life decisions.  What they don’t know is that they will make it through it, look back and think it was all great fun!

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What I’m Knitting Now

I have high hopes that this will turn out to be my favorite cotton sweater for the summer!

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Destination: Hammer Boutique









My University of Michigan daughter was home this weekend and that means one thing:  clothes shopping.  Let’s be clear, I am not a Fashionista.  But, when you can combine clothes shopping with Vintage, I’m there!  Hammer Boutique in La Grange, IL is one of the most unique shops in the entire Chicagoland area.  If you love one of a kind items created by local artisans along with fashion trendy hip young clothes, then you absolutely have to take a trip to this shop.  Even the dressing room is to die for!  Visit their web-site:

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Wishing Thinking

It’s 31 degrees at the moment.  I am just so ready for warm spring weather.

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Flower Basket Doorstops








Real plants and flowers rarely survive in this house.  I was not born with a green thumb but someday hope to become a gardener in my next life.  In the meantime, my collection of vintage flower basket doorstops will have to do the trick and they even sit on an official flower stand.  The sun is finally shining in Chicago and I just had that Spring feeling and wanted to share.

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Souvenir Spoon

What a surprise, my son has inherited the Vintage Eye.  He shot this picture on his phone at the Flea Market in Nashville and sent it to me knowing that I would enjoy seeing this souvenir spoon since I have a rather large collection.  There is hope after all.

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