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Mother’s Day Motto & Etsy


My Etsy store is now officially open.  I finally have gotten around to making that Shop button on the sidebar work.  My first items for sale are my overflow of vintage Mother’s Day Poems.  When the kids were young I went to the Grayslake Flea Market every year.  That way my husband had all day to run to Jewel, buy Mother’s Day Cards, flowers and have a lovely dinner ready when I returned home.  I would purchase a Mother’s Day Motto to remember the day.  Fast forward to today.  I don’t have the room to hang up 10 years of Mother’s Day prints.  It’s time to share and I thought it was a very appropriate time for this Mother to open up her shop.  So if you need something special for Mom this year.  Check them out.  The one above I have saved for myself.

Some of my favorites...

Chicago Antiques Fair

This is one show I try not to miss.  I go to listen and learn.  No one person can possibly know everything there is to know about antiques.  Each of these exhibitors are passionate about what they sell and collect.  I love people with a passion.  They are the best to learn from.  So, you know where I’ll be this weekend.

Some of my favorites...

Bird Flower Frogs

This is the pigeon hole cabinet that I bought last weekend at the estate sale.  One of the guys asked me what I was going to do with it and I promptly replied, I am going to use it to display my bird flower frog collection.  He looked at me and said “what?”

So this picture is for him.  This is what a bird flower frog collection looks like.

I forgot to add, this is the first flower frog I ever purchased and it is still my all time favorite today.

And this is what the collection looks like in the new display cabinet.  Perfect.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

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Some of my favorites...

Striped Foyer




 It took a lot of tape and a lot of patience when I painted the stripes in my foyer.  My friend Diane would stop in and check out my progress.  She didn’t believe that I would ever get done.  Vintage stucco walls do not wallpaper well and I really wanted to see a pattern in the foyer.  I’m happy with the way it turned out.  Stripes are timeless.  The staircase pictures are changed out seasonally so the summer pictures are just about ready to go up.

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Some of my favorites...

What I’m Reading Now

I haven’t decided whether I like this book or not.  I’ll let you know when I’m finished.


Some of my favorites...

Folk Art Dogs




These vintage folk art dogs were being sold as an entire collection at the Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques & Garden Fair on Friday .  They were absolutely fabulous.  Exhibited by Elliott & Elliott Art and Antiques a collection of AKC breeds carved and painted by Albert Holt, Canaan, ME between 1930-1950.  It was fascinating to see the popular breeds of the period.  Missing was the ever so popular labrador retriever of today.


Some of my favorites...

Estate Sale, Yarn, Ribbons and More



I was suppose to be at Erin’s from Just Grand this morning for her garage sale.  But, I thought it would be too cold and I was just too tired to get up.  Instead, I dragged my husband into the city for an estate sale.  I went for a three piece bookcase that sold 5 minutes before I walked into the room.  If we had been there 15 minutes earlier it would have been ours.  Bummer.  My husband was absolutely thrilled.  So, instead this lovely mirror and the pigeon hole cabinet came home with us.

Next, we decided to stop at a few shops as we headed into the city to see our daughter who has just moved back from San Francisco.  We stumbled onto this adorable yarn shop as the antique shop next door was closed.  As my husband was turning the car around, I was able to run in for a quick look and see.  I am definitely going back sometime in the future.




As we passed through Bucktown, I wanted to stop in at Soutache.  It is a true find for lovers of ribbons, buttons, feathers and flowers.  My husband did not believe me when I said we were stopping at a ribbon shop.  The owner laughed and said that most men start to twitch after they come through the door.  I could have stayed longer and will definitely be back to search out the vintage buttons for my next hand knit sweater.

Last stop was a run through The Painted Lady across the street in Bucktown.  Always changing and full of fun ideas.  A slow start to a great day!  Now I am off to find a wall for that mirror and to check in with Erin to see how the garage sale went.

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Some of my favorites...

Japanese Lustre









My garden inspiration comes from Japanese lustre from the 1940’s.   The glow from the lustre pieces in the china cabinet is the perfect night light for the dining room.  I think that this is one of my favorite collections.  I know there are a ton of people out there today that love everything white, but living in vintage color is just so much more interesting.

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Some of my favorites...

Date Night: Jersey Boys


Jersey Boys is back in Chicago and I saw it last night for the 4th time.  It is one musical that just doesn’t get old and my husband thought it actually was the best of the 3 performances that he has seen.  Seats appeared to be readily available.  It’s a good date night.

Some of my favorites...

Chicago Botanic Garden & Antiques





Finally, a good reason to get out of the house this week and be inspired.  The Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques & Garden Fair is this weekend.  I never miss this show and look forward to attending every Spring with my good friend Erin from Just Grand.  I take pictures of all the green rooms and she takes pictures of all the flower arrangements as she makes these wonderful note cards for her special friends.  Luckily I’m one of them!  My advice, Go!  And if you live within driving distance, Come!  It’s a fabulous show.

Some of my favorites...

Lilacs and Silver


My favorite time of year is when the lilacs are in bloom.  Tonight I was able to get the blooms cut before the rain hits.  Always a challenge.  I love placing the lilacs in my vintage silverplate coffee server from the 1920’s.  They are a perfect combination sitting at my sink.  Doing dishes now is a pleasure.

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Some of my favorites...

Vintage Spring Coat

I bought this 1960’s Jackie O spring coat on eBay a few years ago for $10.  I look forward to wearing it every Spring.  It’s a wonderful shade of pink and just the right weight for a cool weather day like today.  I don’t save it just for Sunday.  It works with jeans at the grocery store as well.

Some of my favorites...