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Randolph Street Market



I was able to convince my husband to drive down to the Randolph Street Market on Saturday under the pretense that we could meet our daughter there and then head out for lunch.  Food was the prime motivator, not antiques.  He does, however, own a couple of sets of vintage Harvard and Yale baseball uniforms so we visited the Sport & Spool inside booth to check out the sports memorabilia.  He would have rather been at the game.  I always enjoy this market.  It is very eclectic and offers a little bit of everything within a vibrant urban festival atmosphere.  Good food, fun music and I could have stayed all day just for the people watching.


Some of my favorites...

Happy Memorial Day

Some of my favorites...

McCoy Pottery








It was time to change out the niches over the refrigerators for Spring.  My collection of green McCoy pottery is taking center stage in the kitchen right now.  All the above were flea market finds from over the years.  There is definitely a bird and butterfly theme operating in this house.  I always give myself a price point cap and for my McCoy pieces, it is $10.  Most of these planters were purchased for around $5.  Next flea market, be on the lookout.

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Some of my favorites...

What I saw at Elkhorn

The Elkhorn Flea Market was today and it truly is one of the best flea markets around.  It is a little farther to drive so I left at 6am hoping to beat the traffic.  It started out un-eventful, but then I was rear-ended on 294 at 6:45am doing about 70mph.  As I’ve said before, I believe in the hand that guides us and today, Holy Flea Market Sunday,  I was meant to arrive at Elkhorn on time.  I still can’t quite figure out how it happened, but I was fine, my car was fine enough and after a quick stop, I was back on the road. Ok, back to Elkhorn, it reminds me of the Sandwhich in the old days.  Tons of dealers, lots of people and unbelievably great finds.   It was hot.  Unfortunately, I cannot post up my purchases as they were mostly gifts for my peeps who read my Blog now and then.  So, the picture of the Bakelite flatware will have to do for now and I’m off to say my prayers.

Some of my favorites...



It was a first!  Both of my daughters, as well as my sister-in-law, went to the Grayslake Flea Market with me for Mother’s Day last weekend.  I’m not sure they will return, but I appreciated the gesture.  The most interesting prints of the day were these vintage pochoirs from the 1920’s.  Fabulous color!

Some of my favorites...

Peonies in Bloom

Some of my favorites...

General Finishes Gel Stain

My husband said that this was the best stain that he had ever used.  I am a believer!  Our daughter put in an order for her table to be stained “espresso”.  I asked if she didn’t just want me to spray it black?  No, espresso.  After looking around Blog land I decided that we, collectively, would give the Gel Stain a try.

Front side of knotty pine table.

Back side of knotty pine table.

My husband, the re-finisher, reported that the Gel Stain has the consistency of pudding and went on easily with a sock.  Very little goes a very long way.

TA DA!   Table with 3 coats of General Finishes Java Gel Stain and 3 coats of Gel Topcoat satin urethane.

I took the liberty of doing some table styling here at home.  But, something tells me that my daughter will not be setting up the table this way at her apartment in the city.

The 1800’s Nippon tea set from is from my husband’s great grandmother.  The peonies are finally in full bloom from our front yard.

A coffee table should always have a few good books and a couple of bookends.  This table is on the way down into the city this weekend.  I can’t wait to see how it looks in her new home.

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Some of my favorites...

Hinsdale Kitchen Walk

If you need some fun kitchen ideas, don’t miss the Hinsdale kitchen walk this Friday!  It’s the best!

Some of my favorites...

Cleaning out the Garage


I bought this cute Beef Jerky stand out and about one Saturday afternoon years ago.  I thought I could use it somewhere in my house and envisioned the back in black or red.  Recently, I have been wandering around the house and have decided it’s time to do a little de-cluttering around here if that is even remotely possible.  My husband thought it would be a good idea if I started with the garage.  So………..

I did get around to painting the back black and still think it is adorable but today it left my garage.   It is going to get a new back and become a chalkboard in the kitchen.  What a great idea!  Enjoy it Vicki.  I know it  has found a good home.  One down and a few too many to go.

Some of my favorites...

What I Saw at Kane County


Kane County in May.  I should have brought a wagon and taken home some flowering hanging baskets.  Anyway, I loved the green tiles but the one missing on the left was a problem.  The bed picture is for my friend Dee Dee who is looking for a twin size vintage Simmons bed like this one.  If you have one, email me.  We can talk.  I bought some cute ephemera which I will post up later this week.  I still miss the STRAIGHT rows.  I’m never sure I saw everything in that ridiculous maze in the middle!

Some of my favorites...

Chicago Flea Markets

The month of May is the opening of the flea market season in Chicago.  Yeah!!!  Now I know just how my husband feels when it’s the season opener for baseball!  Here’s the line-up for the month:

Kane County Flea Market:  May 5th

Wolff’s Flea Market:  May 6th

Grayslake Flea Market:  May 12th

Wheaton Flea Market:  Update:  not open this month

Elkhorn Flea Market:  May 20th

Randolph Street Market:  May 26th

I guess these will more than make up for having to miss Brimfield this year.   And speaking of Brimfield, the photo above was shot at a campy shop in Andersonville called Brimfield.    More on that when I post about our Andersonville road trip.  Bottom line, how would you rather spend your time on the weekends?  Watching baseball on TV all day or out treasure hunting?

Some of my favorites...

Painting a Wall Stencil


When I was in Ann Arbor for Mom’s Weekend, we saw this wall painted in a shop downtown.  I thought it looked very fresh.  Some of the rooms in this house need a new look and I was trying to figure out how to paint this pattern.  I should have known where to go.  Every time one of the kids ask me something I either don’t know and don’t have the patience to answer my response is “Google it” because of course the answer is out there somewhere on the great wild web!   So, I finally found it this morning when I was looking at the links from Wow Us Wednesday.  Here is a step by step tutorial of how Christina at Remodelando la Casa did it.  Now I know.

Some of my favorites...