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Vintage Cracker Caddies










Vintage cracker caddies have always caught my eye at flea markets.  They are far and few between but I am always on the lookout for them.  Before dinner, I usually try and hold off the hungry troops with a little cheese and crackers.  Why not serve them up in something vintage?

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Some of my favorites...

Espaliered Pear Trees


While walking to Starbucks yesterday, I passed these wonderful espaliered pear trees.  What a great idea for a sustainable fence.  I’m thinking we need one of these over at our house.

Some of my favorites...

Back to School


Listen.  Do you hear it?  It’s the collective sigh of relief and sadness from mothers all over the Midwest who have 20 somethings that have returned to college.  Yes, we are just as happy to see them go as they are to return to their flocks.  Finally, no more curfews, no more nagging.  Here are some of the top statements I made this summer:

1.  It’s time to get up.  You don’t want to be late for work.

2.  Do you know how much it costs to eat at Sushi House when we have food in the refrigerator?

3.  I want this room picked up and all the dishes brought down to the sink now.

4.  These clothes need to be on hangers and not strewn all over the floor.

5.  You need to save your money for school if you expect to have any spending money this year.

6.  It’s 12 o’clock and a work night for your father.  That boy needs to go home now.

And yet, I would walk away and cringe slightly as I heard my own father’s voice in my ear.  It might have been 30 years ago, but I do remember wondering what is his problem?  And thinking, I wish he would relax and leave me alone.  So, this post is for two people.  Thanks Dad, you did a good job.  You were right when you said that someday when you have your own children you will understand.  I now do. And for my daughter, who I miss dearly, I love you.  I just want you to be happy and safe.  Now, time to hit the books and study.

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Destination: Affordable Antiques Naperville






What happens when you plan to spend your entire day at the Randolph Street Flea Market and it is pouring outside?  You go to plan B:  Affordable Antiques in Naperville where it just happened to be the 30% off sale.  I don’t think I was alone thinking this way as the store was full of happy shoppers. Also, Gary the owner makes everyone there feel like family.  He is truly sincerely when he says that he is glad you came in for a visit.  One of the reasons I always go back!  I am drawn to vintage metal.  There is something about the graphics and patina that cannot be reproduced in new items today.  The North American Van Lines truck is for my husband who actually drove one between college and law school and still hasn’t stopped talking about the adventure.

Some of my favorites...

Vintage Etched Bell Jar Lantern

Should have, would have, could have and I didn’t.  We’ve all done this, spied some fabulous vintage item that was calling our name, and yet, we turn and walk away.    And yes, every time I look back, I regret it.  I envision it often and to make matters even worse, I took a picture that day to remember it by.  This vintage etched light would have been perfect hanging in my front hall.  I still can’t remember why I didn’t grab it, run home and install it that day.  I’m sure price had something to do with it.  Next time.

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Chicago Air and Water Show








The Chicago Air and Water Show was this past weekend.  Every now and then, I can do something that does not involve antiques.  The last time I saw this show we were in our twenties, living in Lincoln Park and dating.   Back again, it did not disappoint.  We loved seeing the Golden Knight parachute jumpers and the crowd favorite Blue Angels while sitting on North Beach.  The weather? Absolutely picture perfect.

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Stitches Midwest








Stitches Midwest is being held this weekend in suburban Chicago and if you a knitter you definitely should not miss this event.  Donna Higgins at Heirloom Stitches is one of my favorite vendors and I always look forward to visiting her booth.  She has darling baby and toddler designs which I am saving up for future use.  The entire show is pure eye candy not only for the yarns and patterns that are there, but most of the attendees are wearing their latest and greatest creations.  It’s a live walking fashion show.   Unfortunately, photography was limited at this year and my pictures do not do this event justice.  Just go!

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Joy’s Garden









My good friend Joy asked me to “glean” her garden this week.  I know nothing about growing or caring for a vegetable garden.  The best I can do is take a few pictures of her labor of love.  Joy is a foodie in the good sense of the word.  The first pictures were taken early this Spring.  Isn’t it amazing what transpires in just a few short months?  It’s beautiful.  Now I’m off to Google some recipes for eggplant.  That’s a first.

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What I’m Reading Now

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