Hand Knit Cable Scarf

The cable scarf is complete and heading to University of Michigan tomorrow morning.  100% wool yarn Montana by […]

Cable Scarf

What I’m knitting now. Some of my favorites…One Down, One To GoScandinavian Bird MittensPostage Stamp Quilt The Year […]

Halloween Vignettes

    I have no idea where the trick or treater silhouettes came from, but I absolutely adore […]

Vintage Charm Necklace

This originally started out as a charm bracelet, but after 20 plus years of collecting I finally made […]

Hand Knit Summer Sweater

    Finally off the needles!  I am a little late in finishing this sweater for summer, but […]

Green Depression Plates

    Twelve green depression glass plates for $12.  Ok, who wants to go to the flea market?  […]