New Year’s in Vintage


I thought I would explain how a girl like me lives her life in vintage completely.  My favorite go to evening shoes are these fabulous vintage Daniel Green Comfy damask style black slippers with satin bows.  I’m not joking, the name of the shoes are “Comfy” and they are.  They tend to go with everything I wear, mainly black.  I purchased them a couple of years ago on eBay and am still looking for another pair.   The vintage beaded purse was a thoughtful Christmas gift from my husband when he was in the vintage thinking mode.



Next up, is the vintage lamb’s wool coat that I found at The Corner Shoppe in LaGrange.  It fit perfectly and had my name written all over it.  The jacket is from Chicago furrier Thomas E. McElroy who operated in Chicago for 66 years before closing their doors in 1994.  It is warm, stylish and a one of a kind for New Year’s Eve.  I love it and will be wearing it this evening.



Last Christmas, my U of Mich daughter surprised me with this lovely vintage smoke colored aurora borealis necklace from a local Ann Arbor antique shop.  It has a beautiful clasp, 3 strands and I wear it as much as possible and especially on New Year’s for a little glitter and a lot of glam.



At an earlier One of a Kind Show in Chicago I picked up this fun dangling bracelet that has a little bit of everything going on along with a few vintage beads thrown in for good luck



My mother gave me the vintage champagne glass pin one Christmas.  I remember to pull out and wear every New Year’s Eve whether it matches my outfit or not.



Finally, it wouldn’t be New Year’s without some champagne punch that we serve up in our vintage thumbprint punch bowl and glasses.



I’m looking forward to dinner tonight served in vintage or not. And to my young adult children, friends and family, I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year.

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