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Vintage Memorial Day Postcards






Happy Memorial Day!

Vintage Memorial Day Postcards from my collection.

Some of my favorites...

My Favorite Brimfield Find


When I saw this vintage meat dome with Kathy on Tuesday, I knew I had to have it.  It took 3 days and 3 markets for the price to come down.  Maura and I purchased it Thursday at the May’s market.  Brimfield is a funny place.  As the week goes on, some of the prices for items go up and some go down.  This time luck was in my favor.  The dome fit in the extra suitcase I had brought to bring back my treasures.  Flying back to Chicago, it also triggered an entire bag search through security, but the TSA searching through my carry on loved it.  So do I.  Now my husband can let the turkey rest before carving.  A constant running battle after the meat is cooked.  You should allow meat to sit a full 15 minutes before carving and now it will safely under the dome.

Some of my favorites...

Brimfield Flea Market Day 3














Day Three Brimfield.  We actually started the day at a normal hour and left the hotel around 7am.  The traffic into Brimfield was a 8 mile crawl, however, plenty of time to attend the May’s Market which opened at 9am.  The food court above was filled with lively music.  Maura and I enjoyed the eats and recommend the Pilgrim Sandwich booth across the street.   There were over 500 vendors with treasures galore and later tonight I will upload my fabulous finds of the day from the May’s Market.

Some of my favorites...

Brimfield Flea Market Day 2














Another Brimfield morning that started at dawn.  Today’s pictures are some of my favorite finds that wouldn’t fit in my suitcase and I had to take a pass on.  Next time, I need to bring a truck.  The cottage furniture set would definitely be coming home with me.  It was another beautiful day.  These were the markets that I attended on Wednesday, May 15th:

Sunrise: Quaker Acres
6:00am New England Antiques Mkt
9:00am Heart of the Mart
12:00 Hertan’s
Afternoon: Midway & Central Park
That evening happened to be my birthday and my good friend Maura came out to help me celebrate.  We ate at the Cedar Street Grill in Sturbridge where we chatted with Cari from HGTV’s Cash and Cari.  I promised Maura we would sleep in and hit the May’s Market on Thursday at a reasonable hour.  Check back tomorrow for more great Brimfield finds.

Some of my favorites...

Brimfield Finds 2013











As a collector of anything baskets, especially doorstops and bookends, I found a few that weren’t in my collection.  The down side, it makes for very heavy luggage on the return trip to the airport.  The black basket bookends are 3 inches tall and perfect for my miniature books.  The basket door knocker is going to find a home on my kitchen door.  The smallest basket was a vintage shade pull which I am still tempted to use on my key ring.  Check back for Brimfield Finds Day 2 tomorrow.

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Some of my favorites...

Brimfield: Day 1
















Brimfield Flea Market, Brimfield, MA  May 14, 2013

The day started at Daybreak which was 4:45 a.m.  The weather Day One was cool, in fact cold.  I wore a winter coat and gloves and was happy I packed for every season.  My tentative schedule for Day One was:

Sunrise: Sturtevant’s
7:00am Mahogany Ridge
11:00am Dealers Choice
1:00pm Brimfield Acres North


My good friend Kathy drove over from Connecticut to spend the day.  We both agreed that it was incredible:  more antiques than any one person could peruse in a lifetime.  Every year I try and explain Brimfield to my vintage friends.  That’s just not possible.  You need to experience it in person and I believe it needs to be on every antique lover’s bucket list.


Some of my favorites...

Happy Mother’s Day


Best cake ever from Sweet Mandy B’s in Chicago

Some of my favorites...

I’m going to Brimfield!


I’m heading to Brimfield, Massachusetts next week for the Mother of all Flea Markets.  This is a picture from the May’s Antique Market 6 years ago.  I’m looking forward to meeting good friends, great weather and unusual finds.  Off to pack.

Some of my favorites...

Read My Pins


Who knew that Madeleine Albright was a pin collector?  Fun book, great stories.  I started wearing select pins to staff meetings, but no one ever noticed.  The messages must have been too subtle.

Some of my favorites...

Vintage Glass Paperweight

I was back at The Art Institute for the Picasso exhibit and just had to stop by the Rubloff Glass Paperweight collection one more time.  I enjoyed the paperweights much more than Picasso.  The depiction of women in his art is not flattering and his treatment of the women in his life was appalling.  I’m not a fan.  Hence, no Picasso pictures.

Some of my favorites...

The Cottages of Michiana Shores











Michiana-Shores-009 Michiana-Shores-006







Michiana Shores is by far one of the most enchanting villages in lower Michigan.   Development began in the 1930’s as a log cabin town for vacationers.  Many of the cottages were originally built as summer cottages for Chicago teachers.   Today, the new log cabins blend seamlessly with the old.   A perfect getaway.

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Some of my favorites...

Bringing the Bow Tie Back


My son just send me a picture wearing the bow tie I sent him for his birthday.  Classic.

Some of my favorites...