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Since the Catholic Church implemented their new media campaign, Catholics Come Home, I’ve decided to join them in that journey.  My husband has reluctantly agreed to participate in my Sunday visitations to the Polish Catholic Cathedrals and Churches throughout Chicago.  He is viewing this as a sociocultural and architectural adventure over a religious quest.  I am a wandering Catholic.  In my twenties living in downtown Chicago, I went to St. Peter’s on Ash Wednesday because it was right next door to my office.  During Lent I loved Old St. Pat’s Lenten speaker series and to this day still remember Father Andrew Greeley’s Lenten comparison about what Madonna (the singer) and Jesus had in common.  One of my first “dates” with my husband was where I finally convinced him to attend Mass at Holy Name and lo and behold, it happened to be the same day that Cardinal Bernardin and all the bishops were in attendance.  Our Pre-Cana sessions were held at St. Clements and we were finally married in my home church at Sacred Heart.    In the summers, I attended St. Joseph’s in Traverse City on the Old Mission Peninsula where Father Fred was the driving force.  And for now, after living in Chicagoland for the past 30 years and driving past all of these historical and monumental places of worship, I am just curious.  Being both Polish and Catholic, I just feel it is something I need to do at this point in time.

So, today we attended St. Mary of the Angels in Bucktown one of the seven Polish Catholic churches that were spawned from St. Stanislaus Kostka.  This church is staffed by the priests of the Opus Dei who welcomed us into their stunningly beautiful church still decorated for Christmas.  The service itself was lovely with the magnificent pipe organ filling the church with holiday hymns.  We chose the English service though mass is said in both Polish and Spanish as well.  Afterwards, we met our eldest daughter for brunch at Jane’s two blocks from the church which was an added bonus to our visit.  A perfect Sunday.

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    Sarah J Chasnoff

    I would also call myself a wandering Catholic….wandering in and out of the church. For the most part, the Catholic church has been a positive one in my life. There are some beautiful churches in Cincinnati as well. My neighborhood parish happens to be St. Francis de Sales and is located in Walnut Hills. It also has incredible architecture and is well worth a visit. You have inspired me, Kim!

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    I just found your blog via JustGrand’s blog. I will be meeting her tomorrow in Naperville at the bloggers meeting. I am from Michigan…always visited Chicago as a child with my parents. Polish, catholic just like you. I find your reviews on the churches to be interesting. Would love To visit a few of the churches. I enjoy all your vintage also…..will be a followerer for sure.
    Glad I found you!

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