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Graduation: University of Michigan













It’s been a crazy month.  We spent this weekend in Ann Arbor at my daughter’s graduation.  After all the ceremonies and celebrations, I was able to take a walk around town and stopped in for a visit at Dear Golden.  I follow Dear Golden on Etsy and Facebook, so it was a special treat to visit her newly opened brick and mortar shop.  It’s adorable and filled with wonderful curated vintage clothing.  I  was just as sad as my daughter to leave:  no more trips to the Treasure House for me and no more trips to The Big House for her.

Some of my favorites...

Modern Vintage Chicago










Today at the Randolph Street Market was the Modern Vintage Chicago show.  I was looking for something special for the holiday season and instead was surprised to discover more men’s than women’s clothing.  So I ended purchasing a cute lacrosse tie for my husband and son to fight over.

Some of my favorites...

Elkhorn Flea Market












The weather was beautiful today at the Elkhorn Flea Market outside of Lake Geneva.  My friend Janie and I both thought the coffee table crafted with watch faces and parts under clear epoxy was super cute.  Even thought it is almost July, one dealer brought a wonderful collection of vintage lambswool and angora sweaters.  The coral colored one came home with me and Janie found a lovely antique Sarouk Persian oriental rug for her new home.  A perfect flea market day, spent with a good friend, even better.

Some of my favorites...

Bringing the Bow Tie Back


My son just send me a picture wearing the bow tie I sent him for his birthday.  Classic.

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Randolph Street Spring Market II


Just back from the Randolph Street Spring Market where I saw this adorable Geoffrey Beene dress from one of my favorite online vintage clothes retailers, Dethrose Vintage.  Karyn has a nice eye.  It also just happens to be what I wear most, black and white.   Clothes shopping has always been a challenge for me as I am color blind.  I always end up having to explain that it is not that I don’t see color, it’s just that I don’t have the ability to perceive the color or the differences in color.     I have passed this on genetically to both of my sons.  So, never ask us what color something is.  Our answers can be pretty surprising.  Hence, I default a lot to black and white.  It’s just easy.



But I love color!  I couldn’t begin to tell you what colors are in this dress, but I can occasionally find a good shade of green.  This 70’s dress was from another one of my favorite vintage clothes vendors, NOV.  A very delightful mother and daughter duo with great vintage taste.  It was a very fun day and afterwards I met my two daughters downtown for a quick lunch.  I have not yet managed to convert them into life in vintage.  You know I’m going to die trying.

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Spring Fever


Even though we needed the snow, I’m getting that Spring feeling.  Another picture from the Midwest Vintage Clothing show.  This vintage polka dot dress just looks like a breath of fresh air.

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Midwest Vintage Clothing Show












It was a feast for the eyes all day long at the Midwest Vintage Clothing Show held in Elgin today.  I was way too busy shopping to stop and take pictures, so the above are a very small sampling of what I saw; dresses, furs, jewelry, purses, shoes, shoes and more shoes.   There were wonderful samples from the Victorian Era through the 1990’s.  This year there was much more in menswear and believe me, bow ties are definitely making a come back.  My purchases included a lovely mother of pearl hair clip, a large brooch and a cute black alligator purse.  Everyone dresses to the Nine’s and even I wore my beaded Japan collar. I spend as much time people watching as I do perusing the clothing.  I’m just so glad I made it to this walking fashion show.

Some of my favorites...

Friday Find: Vintage Beaded Collar






Bringing classic back.  Peter Pan collars have been around forever and are making a come back with the my daughter’s generation.  I prefer to look for the vintage beaded collars from Japan over the new ones featured at Anthropologie.    Next weekend, you will find me at the Midwest Vintage Clothing, Jewelry & Textile Show held at the Hemmens Cultural Center in Elgin, Illinois.  It is definitely a fashion show you don’t want to miss and yes, I will be wearing my new vintage find.

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Some of my favorites...

New Year’s in Vintage


I thought I would explain how a girl like me lives her life in vintage completely.  My favorite go to evening shoes are these fabulous vintage Daniel Green Comfy damask style black slippers with satin bows.  I’m not joking, the name of the shoes are “Comfy” and they are.  They tend to go with everything I wear, mainly black.  I purchased them a couple of years ago on eBay and am still looking for another pair.   The vintage beaded purse was a thoughtful Christmas gift from my husband when he was in the vintage thinking mode.



Next up, is the vintage lamb’s wool coat that I found at The Corner Shoppe in LaGrange.  It fit perfectly and had my name written all over it.  The jacket is from Chicago furrier Thomas E. McElroy who operated in Chicago for 66 years before closing their doors in 1994.  It is warm, stylish and a one of a kind for New Year’s Eve.  I love it and will be wearing it this evening.



Last Christmas, my U of Mich daughter surprised me with this lovely vintage smoke colored aurora borealis necklace from a local Ann Arbor antique shop.  It has a beautiful clasp, 3 strands and I wear it as much as possible and especially on New Year’s for a little glitter and a lot of glam.



At an earlier One of a Kind Show in Chicago I picked up this fun dangling bracelet that has a little bit of everything going on along with a few vintage beads thrown in for good luck



My mother gave me the vintage champagne glass pin one Christmas.  I remember to pull out and wear every New Year’s Eve whether it matches my outfit or not.



Finally, it wouldn’t be New Year’s without some champagne punch that we serve up in our vintage thumbprint punch bowl and glasses.



I’m looking forward to dinner tonight served in vintage or not. And to my young adult children, friends and family, I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year.

Some of my favorites...

Thank You J.Crew




Thank you J.Crew for bringing back the button down collar all buttoned up and tucked into a cashmere sweater.  The 101 Gift Idea catalog that just arrived this weekend.  Finally, I have something to buy my daughters for Christmas.  Now, all they need to do is throw a few vintage pins on those models and it would be perfect.  It’s been over ten years of low cut camis at this house.  No more.

Some of my favorites...

Vintage Spring Coat

I bought this 1960’s Jackie O spring coat on eBay a few years ago for $10.  I look forward to wearing it every Spring.  It’s a wonderful shade of pink and just the right weight for a cool weather day like today.  I don’t save it just for Sunday.  It works with jeans at the grocery store as well.

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