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Kids Trophies Re-Purposed


I have hundreds of these trophies.  With 4 kids and a half a dozen sports, they are strewn everywhere about the house.  The other day I saw this box of wine stoppers at The Randolph Street Flea Market and thought “yes!” another little DIY project for my husband.  He loves making projects with wine corks for those of you who remember his wine cork bulletin board he made here and we will just add this one to his to-make  list.  This should keep him busy for a few weekends and make some great Xmas gifts for my adult children.

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Countdown to the 4th of July


Sunday at Elkhorn.

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Kane County in May










Blue was the operative word today at the Kane County Flea Market.  I had my daughter in mind as it is one of her favorite colors.  My husband doesn’t see it yet, but I can picture her in my mind’s eye sitting on the settee in white for her wedding portrait.  It will be beautiful and so will she.

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Randolph Street Market Opens Today

Randolph Street Market 2014

I’m heading downtown today for a little flea marketing and a little wedding planning.

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Sunday at Elkhorn











Opening day for the Flea Market Season:  Elkhorn, Wisconsin.  It was a beautiful sunny day, tons of people and even better, wonderful vintage.    I got off to a late start as I was wavering as to whether or not to go.  I watched a young girl and her mother as they tried to decide how they could use the doorknobs.  In the end they decided they couldn’t.  What a shame, they were great.  The crystals on the candelabra were fabulous and I really didn’t need them, but wanted to remember them.  The lovely colorful linens, however, did make their way home with me.   The rest of my troops were at the Blackhawks game.  It was a win, win day for everyone.

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Randolph Street Market


This is where you will find me this weekend.

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Christmas at Kane County




To kick off the Christmas season, I wanted to share the metal Christmas boxes that a vendor fabricated and had for sale last month at the Kane County Flea Market.  They were adorable.  I may venture out there on Sunday and hopefully, he will have a couple more left.

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Countdown Turkey Time








Who knew?  That when I talked my husband into going down to the Randolph Holiday Market today that we would find 16 turkey cups and saucers plus an additional 9 plates to go with our vintage Maruta Ware Turkey place settings.  They are already washed, dried and out on the table waiting for our guests to arrive.  It was meant to be, another great Sunday at the flea market.

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Chicago Holiday Vintage


Looking for something to do in Chicago this weekend?  Check out the Holiday Market at the Randolph Street Flea Market.  I think I may just have to head downtown for and get a head start on my holiday shopping.  Isn’t vintage on everyone’s Christmas list?  I know it’s on mine.

Some of my favorites...

Kane County November


Sue from Flip Over Furniture Stenciled Oak Desk



Antique Parker Pen Display Case



Vintage Orange Metal Lockers



Red Chenille Upholstery Fabric



Antique Cherry Spool Leg Drop-Leaf Table



Singer Sewing Metal Base with re-purposed top



Red 4 Point Hudson Bay Blanket



Vintage Sterling Enamel Flag Bracelets

A few months ago, I told my husband to remind me to never go to Kane County again due to the lack of vendors and vintage merchandise.  Luckily, today he forgot and I went and….. it was the best!  The Sunday weather was balmy and sunny.  There was something for everyone and I had a blast.  Here are some of my favorite finds that did not come home with me.  What did?  I’m saving for another post.  And I will definitely be going back to Kane in December.

Some of my favorites...

What I Found at Elkhorn












Sunday was the last Elkhorn Flea Market for the year and it was packed with people.  The weather was fantastic and it was fun spending the day with a fellow collector.  She gets it, my husband still doesn’t.  My buys for the day were 12 vintage Christmas ornaments, a Nativity set from Italy which has some fabulous details and the red checkered seed bags.  Someday they will be hooked rugs.  Great day, great finds, great friend.

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Sunday Grayslake Flea Market













There was a definite country theme this weekend at the Grayslake Flea Market.  One of these days I am going to hook one of those feed sacks into a rug.  The graphics are great.  These are a few of my favorite finds.  Now, what did I bring home?  The vintage print set.  It will get a work out crafting.

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