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Vintage Memorial Day Postcards






Happy Memorial Day!

Vintage Memorial Day Postcards from my collection.

Some of my favorites...

Easter Postcards









Sharing a few from my postcard collection.

Some of my favorites...

Valentine Postcard Placemats


Valentine postcard placements made from vintage postcards.

Some of my favorites...

Labor Day

My guess is that lower Michigan is looking a lot like this vintage postcard today.

Some of my favorites...

Happy Memorial Day

Some of my favorites...

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my young chicks.

Some of my favorites...

Vote Today

Really.  It wasn’t that long ago that women didn’t have the right to vote.  My daughters who have grown up thinking a woman can do anything take this right for granted.  Don’t.  In Illinois, it’s time to get out there and vote today.

Some of my favorites...

Christmas Stairway


This is my last Christmas post for the 2011 year.  Yesterday, I overheard this conversation in my house between two 21 year old man-child’s.

“Ben, do you change the pictures in your house seasonally?”



Be still my heart.  The stairway features my favorite vintage Christmas church postcards.  It is one of those subtle reminders of what this holiday is truly about.

Some of my favorites...

Christmas Postcard Placemats 2

In case I haven’t mentioned that I have a HUGE vintage postcard collection that I craft with, I do.  Here is my final set of Christmas placemats made from vintage postcards.  If you don’t happen to have a laminator around the house, the UPS store can enlarge and copy the postcard.  They also laminate too!

Some of my favorites...

Christ in Christmas



To my sister, I will be thinking of you this Christmas Eve at Midnight Mass remembering our favorite song “Oh Holy Night”.

Some of my favorites...

From Postcard to Christmas Placemat

Crafting again with vintage Christmas postcards.  The laminator is ready and waiting.

Some of my favorites...

Leaving Thanksgiving….

It’s time to put the Turkeys away and head over to the One of a Kind Show in downtown Chicago.  Before I go, I wanted to show you what you can do with a vintage postcard collection.  You make things!  I photocopied, enlarged and laminated my Thanksgiving postcards.  They are fun to have on the kitchen table throughout the holiday season and clean up is a quick wipe down.  I love to make and give these placemat sets as gifts to special friends.  So, now you know what to ask for this Christmas……….a laminator!

Some of my favorites...