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Graduation: University of Michigan













It’s been a crazy month.  We spent this weekend in Ann Arbor at my daughter’s graduation.  After all the ceremonies and celebrations, I was able to take a walk around town and stopped in for a visit at Dear Golden.  I follow Dear Golden on Etsy and Facebook, so it was a special treat to visit her newly opened brick and mortar shop.  It’s adorable and filled with wonderful curated vintage clothing.  I  was just as sad as my daughter to leave:  no more trips to the Treasure House for me and no more trips to The Big House for her.

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Antiques Center of Naples


Taking a break from the beach.  Still warm and sunny in Florida.  Loved my visit at the Antiques Center of Naples.  Beautiful period pieces.

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Treasure Island 2014










The shells are a dead giveaway, I spent the day at Treasure Island in Naples, Florida where it is warm and sunny.  I want those marbled books, aren’t they the best?  The basket, intricately carved from Ivory, was stunning and way out of my price range.  I love everything about Treasure Island and have been going there every winter for the past 20 years.  This year the shop had definitely changed, fewer dealers, newer dealers and not nearly as much antique silver as in years past, but still, best antique mall in town.  Go.  Here’s the link from my 2012 visit.

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The Cheese Shop

















What started out as a state of the art cheese factory in 1942 as The Ottawa Milk Products Company is now a delightful deli owned by the same family, The Cheese Shop.  Where else would a collector go for lunch?  Besides great eats, The Cheese Shop, located in the heart of John Deere country in Ottawa, Illinois, has many other curious fillings and items for the talented baker, which I am not, but strangely after our visit, I feel a little more motivated to give it a  try.  My trip, to a friend’s family farm, was heaven on earth as we often forget what quiet really sounds like.  The day was such a special treat learning all about her family’s history on the 1800’s farm.  Lunch as at The Cheese Shop was icing on the cake.  The pictures above only capture a fraction of the milk and cheese collections on display, but notice I did concentrate on the ice cream paraphernalia.  Well worth the stop if you are ever anywhere in the area.  Fun!

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The Courtyard Storage Sale




The Courtyard, a not for profit upscale consignment shop located at 63 Village Place in Hinsdale, IL is having a sale in their storage location located in the walkway behind the shop this Friday and Saturday from 10am to 4:30pm.  My friend Erin at Just Grand wrote an awesome post about The Courtyard and the charity it supports, Wellness House.  Please visit Just Grand to read Erin’s story of her visit on a consignment Monday.  And stop by The Courtyard’s Blog to view their weekly highlights and arrivals.

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Washington D.C.














Yes, we had this trip planned months ago.  How did we know that the Government would shut down the entire town?  We flew out of Midway with the largest crowd we had ever seen and landed in D.C. with a chance to visit with an Honor flight from Nevada.   Washington D.C. is one of my favorite towns which I have visited not nearly enough.  Seeing the Capitol building never gets old.  Only this time, we couldn’t get past the barricades.  The World War II Memorial was open and it was a privilege to see and talk with many of the men who served our country.  They deserve our thanks.  I spent three laughter filled days with two good friends.  The highlight of our weekend was hearing Caitlin perform and sing as Eponine in Les Miserables.  She was fantastic.  My souvenir print at the top was found at the Eastern Market for $15.  But the memories I brought home with me are priceless.

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Country Living Fair 2013















Here are a few shots from the Country Living Fair that we visited last weekend.  I have been in lake cottage mode lately looking for different ideas.  You can read an entire recap of our trip over at Erin’s Blog, Just Grand, she gives a full accounting of our fun getaway weekend.  I most enjoyed spending time and meeting more of Erin’s family.  They were delightful.  And the highlight of our trip?  The Walkway Over The Hudson below.










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Road Trip: Country Living Fair


Erin (Just Grand) and I have decided to take a little road trip.  Back next week with a full report.

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Indie Arts and Vintage Market

Indie Vintage Market

Opens tomorrow in Indianapolis at 9:00am. My sister and I will be treasure hunting.

     Indie Arts & Vintage Market

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Road Trip: Urban Farmgirl


Erin from Just Grand and I decided we needed a road trip on Saturday and headed to Rockford, IL to visit the Urban Farmgirl in her newly opened store.  It is a quaint setting and the window display is a pretty good reflection of her vibe;  vintage shabby chic furniture painted white, not unlike what she sells at the Kane County Flea Market.  Erin picked up a few blue Ball jars and I just enjoyed the day.  As we know, I don’t do white, though I do appreciate “vintage goods and pretty things” and wish her well with the new venture.

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Destination: Yearbook








I had a chance to visit Yearbook in Forest Park recently.  Being the keeper of all the college memorabilia here, I wanted to see if they happened to have something I needed to add the mix.  Loved it.  The owners here definitely have the vintage eye and are able to combine some interesting reproductions with the original 1920’s pieces.  It is definitely worth the trip to view the eclectic collection that has a manly vibe.  Hat’s off for the window displays, they are fab.  I’m just hoping someday they will consider hunting down a few sorority pins in the future.  Still searching.

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Destination: Affordable Antiques Naperville






What happens when you plan to spend your entire day at the Randolph Street Flea Market and it is pouring outside?  You go to plan B:  Affordable Antiques in Naperville where it just happened to be the 30% off sale.  I don’t think I was alone thinking this way as the store was full of happy shoppers. Also, Gary the owner makes everyone there feel like family.  He is truly sincerely when he says that he is glad you came in for a visit.  One of the reasons I always go back!  I am drawn to vintage metal.  There is something about the graphics and patina that cannot be reproduced in new items today.  The North American Van Lines truck is for my husband who actually drove one between college and law school and still hasn’t stopped talking about the adventure.

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