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July 2014


The month of July, Traverse City Michigan, on the lake.

Some of my favorites...

Good-Bye Bonita Beach














Tomorrow, I’m on the airplane headed back to Chicago.  I’ve been walking this beach for the past 40 years and have so many fond memories  of Springs Break vacations, my first at age 16.  The beach homes have changed entirely, but the beach itself remains the same, beautiful.  I spent the morning with my good friend Janie perusing a Premier Estate Sale in Naples and ended the perfect day on the beach at sunset where my real heart lives.  I can’t wait to come back.

Some of my favorites...

Skiing in Vail












We could not have asked for better weather for our Vail ski trip.  It was warm, sunny and there was plenty of snow.  The slopes were never too crowded even though it was a holiday weekend and most importantly,  we had a blast.  I finally got to use my new Kate Spade ski tote bag a very thoughtful Christmas gift from my Univ. of Michigan daughter.  Ski school, which made all the difference in the world, was great fun.  It was heaven on earth and we cannot wait to go back.

Some of my favorites...

Road Trip: Vail














This past weekend we had a chance to fly out to Colorado for a quick ski trip.  Our first night in Vail we walked around the ice sculptures that were on display in Vail Village.  It finally felt like Winter strolling through the snow and ice.  Lovely.  Who would ever have thought that you would have to leave Chicago to find snow?

Some of my favorites...

Spring Break: St. John

Spring Break started with Mom’s Weekend at the University of Michigan.  Cafe Zola is by far the best place for breakfast in Ann Arbor.  If you ever visit, make sure it is on your restaurant list!


Next, we hopped a couple of flights and made it down to St. John in the Virgin Islands.  Absolutely lovely, but the weather was a tad bit cloudy.  As my traveling teenager said, it was sunny the first day of our vacation and the last day of the vacation.  It didn’t matter one bit as the temperature was 85 degrees and we had plenty of beach time.  This is Trunk Bay one of the most photographed beaches in the world.  Google it.  I think you’ll see better pictures.

We stayed here at Cruz Bay in the Gallows Point Condos.  You can see them at the point of the bay.  It was the perfect location with a panoramic view and a quick walk to town.


Caneel Bay is considered to be on of the most sought after resorts on the island with 7 beaches within the resort to choose from.

Hawksnest Bay was one of my favorite beaches.  Just because.


Hawksnest Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands


Someday in the future this child will ask why I never took any pictures when he was looking at the camera.  Like I didn’t try!  Here we are at St. Francis Bay where we saw the giant sea turtles, stingrays while snorkeling and kept a look out for the elusive 8ft. Manta Ray, see below.


The view from our balcony at Gallows Point looking towards St. Thomas.  A perfect Spring Break vacation.  Just a word of caution, the driving on left side of the road was a challenge for all of you who know my husband.  Rent the Jeep.  Enough said.

Some of my favorites...

Senior Moment

After hearing from my parents how nice the weather was down in Florida, I thought I would hop a flight and check it out myself.  Yesterday was sunny, blue skies and 80 plus degrees.  Beautiful!  Actually, I’m here doing Dr. duty, but I do get to hop in the pool late in the afternoons.  I hope to get to my favorite antique shop in Naples before I leave!

Some of my favorites...