Treasure Island 2014










The shells are a dead giveaway, I spent the day at Treasure Island in Naples, Florida where it is warm and sunny.  I want those marbled books, aren’t they the best?  The basket, intricately carved from Ivory, was stunning and way out of my price range.  I love everything about Treasure Island and have been going there every winter for the past 20 years.  This year the shop had definitely changed, fewer dealers, newer dealers and not nearly as much antique silver as in years past, but still, best antique mall in town.  Go.  Here’s the link from my 2012 visit.

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March 5, 2014


Happy Birthday Ben!  Wish you were here.  Love, Mom

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Silver Sunday












My new best friend, Weiman Silver Wipes.  I just finished polishing most of my silver collections.  It used to be a job I absolutely dreaded.  This year I stopped in and picked up the silver wipes the girls at the shop had been raving about.  I thought nothing could beat my silver gloves.  OMG, had I known, I would have purchased a case of these and bought more silver at the flea markets.  Super easy, super fast.  If you are a friend of mine and you love silver, you need them.  Amazing.

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Friday Find: Chinoiserie Prints








Estate sale Friday is my favorite day of the week.  You just never know what you are going to find.  These 4 Chinoiserie wood block prints came home with me today.  They need a little TLC and framing, but for now, one of the four is my new screen saver on my iPad.  When you can live in vintage color, why not?

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Vintage Basket Earrings


This post is actually for my very good friend Erin at Just Grand.  Happy Birthday!  You have always been such a special friend and not just because we love to antique, paint and move furniture around our homes.  You are very kind, considerate and thoughtful.  I always appreciate your point of view and I feel that I am a better person because of you.  So thank you.  I hope you have a wonderful sunny, fun-filled day.  Love, K

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58th LaGrange Antique Show


Starts tomorrow, great show, don’t miss it!

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My Red Mudroom








I finally found myself alone in the house on a Sunday!   So, while I’m thinking about my daughter who just got engaged last Friday, I decided to clean out the mudroom.   I almost forgot what it looked like.  The rug found on eBay is the best buy in the room.  It has held up for 10 years with 4 kids, friends and family and still looks great.  Ok, one room down and a few more to go before the engagement party.

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Valentine’s Rum Cake


By the time my husband reads this post, the Valentine Rum cake that I made for him today will be gone.  Cooking and baking are not my forte, but on special occasions for special people, I work at it.  Last year I made a Red Velvet Rum cake, this year, I just went for the Rum.  I know he will love it!  Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.  Love, K

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Let The Games Begin!


Beginning tonight, we will be sitting in front of the TV for the next 14 days watching the winter games.  So, I’ve pulled out my vintage Olympic style statue in honor of Sochi 2014.   Just something I happen to have in the house for special occasions.

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Eataly Chicago
















If I lived in the city, tonight I would be stopping in for a bite at Eataly, Chicago’s newly opened Italian destination.   63,000 square feet and 23 eateries, it takes a little time to find your way around and narrow down exactly what and where you should eat.  A good reason to make a few return visits.  The atmosphere is lively, bustling and loud.  We loved it.   The food was excellent, but next time I’m starting downstairs with the housemade Gelato.

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What I saw on Craigslist


Now if I could only figure out how to cash and carry from Virginia, I’d be all set.  Love this!

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Friday Chance of Snow


It’s snowing, again.  I’ve been spending a little too much time in this kitchen.  I need to put the snowmen away, but just can’t shake that winter feeling.  Spring will come someday soon.  But for now, I think I’ll head out and do a little cross country skiing down the sidewalk.

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