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Antique Ice Skates


If you can get past looking at the price tag, the detailing on these antique ice skates is exquisite.  I just wish I had a pair with my name inscribed on them.   They certainly remind me of a Currier and Ives skating pond scene.   Ice skating on Tippy has always been my favorite winter pastime and I miss it every year.  See here.

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Vintage Heart Molds


It’s time to start the month of Love.

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Pook & Pook Americana Auction

Pook and Pook Auction

Pook & Pook is having their Americana auction.  I’ve always wanted to go, however, they are located in Lancaster, PA and it was a little hard to explain to my husband since we live in Chicago.  It has been on my bucket list of things to do for years.  But, now I can go and so can you.  This Monday, the auction is “online only” at Bidsquare.   I’m there.

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1908 Indiana Map


Just what every Hoosier girl needs, a vintage Indiana map.  It’s huge:  36″x28″.  Found at the Southport Antique Mall in Indianapolis.  Another great day spent with my sister.

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Antique Dresser Pull


Missing one.  Out to look for a match tomorrow.

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My New Obsession


I think these 1930’s Hubley doorstops by Anne Harriet Fish are adorable.   Next time they ask, I will let my kids know what I’m looking for.

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Vintage Etched Glass Basket


I always see these glass baskets at the Flea Market and wonder why people don’t buy them and use them anymore.  Vintage beats modern any day of the week.

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Vintage Boot Scraper


Vintage birthday boot scraper from my sister.  Thanks Kathy!

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Party Countdown





Ok, so the engagement party ETA is 7:30pm tonight.  Everyone here is running around in a panic.  I decided that this was the perfect time for a Blog post.  I did manage to run out this morning to an Estate Sale, the 1920’s Crane doorstop was my find of the day.  It will be a lovely memento for the occasion.    Oh Joy.

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Red Bell Jar Light


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Antiques Center of Naples


Taking a break from the beach.  Still warm and sunny in Florida.  Loved my visit at the Antiques Center of Naples.  Beautiful period pieces.

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Treasure Island 2014










The shells are a dead giveaway, I spent the day at Treasure Island in Naples, Florida where it is warm and sunny.  I want those marbled books, aren’t they the best?  The basket, intricately carved from Ivory, was stunning and way out of my price range.  I love everything about Treasure Island and have been going there every winter for the past 20 years.  This year the shop had definitely changed, fewer dealers, newer dealers and not nearly as much antique silver as in years past, but still, best antique mall in town.  Go.  Here’s the link from my 2012 visit.

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