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Master Bedroom Makeover Part 1

I am taking a Christmas shopping time out and decided to post ONE of the kajillion makeover projects that we have tackled since purchasing this 1928 house over 15 years ago.  I get motivation from my friend Erin at Just Grand.  She has this whole remodel/makeover syndrome down pat.  If you have heard the story “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”, that about sums up what happened in our master bedroom.  We started out with a bath remodeling project and ended up with an entire master bedroom suite makeover.  My husband is still trying to figure out what happened here.  So, for now, here’s just the bed part of the story.  The picture of the bed before.  Yes, I know, Country.  I hoard all of those 1980’s Country Living magazines.  I adored the bed I saw at Ethan Allen.  See the picture here.  But after taking out a window, pulling up the carpet, sanding floors and more, the bed was out of budget.   Krylon spray paint came to the rescue.  Final pictures are the bed after with the Christmas Cross Stitch Santa thrown in for the season.  Now, back to shopping and I’ll be back with the bath in the New Year.

Some of my favorites...