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My First Cherry Pie












So, what did I do on my summer vacation?  I made my first cherry pie!  My husband’s family has a small cherry orchard, so after almost 30 years of summers on the Old Mission Peninsula, I finally decided it was time to make my first cherry pie, in fact, my first pie ever.  I’ve been inspired by all the cooking Kristen at Knitionary is always doing.  I love to stop over and take in her dinner parties.  On my bucket list.  Anyway, one day in Sutton’s Bay, I saw this fun cherry pie cut-out and knew I had to try it.  So thank you to the girls over at The Front Porch, it’s a keeper.   We spent two weeks of fun in the sun and near the end of our stay, we stopped by the orchard, picked and pitted and I ended up making 3 pies for the family.  They look beautiful and even more surprising, they even tasted great.  I guess I will now have to make this a summer tradition.  Who knew?

Some of my favorites...

Valentine’s Rum Cake


By the time my husband reads this post, the Valentine Rum cake that I made for him today will be gone.  Cooking and baking are not my forte, but on special occasions for special people, I work at it.  Last year I made a Red Velvet Rum cake, this year, I just went for the Rum.  I know he will love it!  Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.  Love, K

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Summer Shrimp Boil


Summer Shrimp Boil prepared by my delightful sister-in-law.

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Native Foods Cafe


I am always looking for a healthy lunch alternative while out and about.  This week while wandering around Wicker Park in Chicago I stumbled upon the Native Foods Cafe.  It was perfect.  The above dish is called the Rockin’ Moroccan Bowl which consisted of fresh grilled veggies, quinoa, currants, almonds and tofu.  Eat green, eat healthy.  My daughters should be impressed.

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Valentine Red Velvet Rum Cake








My husband reads this Blog sporadically so I am betting I am safe revealing his Valentine’s Day surprise:  Red Velvet Rum Cake that I made myself.    The fact that I made it is the real surprise.  My husband LOVES rum cake and I’m sure he is not expecting it in a heart shape.  I found the cute Nordic Ware pan and a modified Red Velvet Cake recipe online.  Don’t you just love Blogland?  Anyway, it is sitting on one of my vintage cake stands that has a rum well which holds extra rum that the cake will absorb.  This year we are skipping the fancy dinner and heading out to see the new Bruce Willis movie; Die Harder.  Rum Cake today, Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition arrived yesterday and Die Harder tonight, my husband is having a banner week.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

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Vintage Heart Baking Pans










It’s time to haul out all that vintage cookware for Valentine’s Day.  I have already started baking and some very lucky people should be checking their mailboxes this week.

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Madeleine Pan



Who knew a trip to Elkhorn would result in a cooking lesson?  As I walked around the flea market, an elderly gentlemen passed me and said, “you’re going to make Madeleines”.  I nodded, smiled and had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.  It happened several more times before I figured out it must be the pan peeking out of my bag.  Finally, in one booth a young girl asked if I was going to make soaps and I said, “yes”.  Again, I don’t cook, I craft.  I thought this vintage pan would make lovely glycerin soaps for the holidays.  Now, thanks to Google, I’m totally informed about the pastry Madeleines with their identifying shell pattern.  Even though this is not an official Madeleine pan, I may just try both.

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Christmas Treats



I am not a baker or a cook for that matter.  Ask my family, they will readily agree.   I am ever so thankful for my hairdresser’s mother.  She is a baker.  Actually, she is a very clever 80 plus year old who makes these absolutely adorable Rice Krispie Treat Snowman pops for the holidays.  Every year I wish I had bought more.  I just picked up my supply today.  Hurray for Christmas!

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A Pie with a Purpose


Our good friends David and Betsy Glass are taking orders for their homemade pies.  I am ordering and fast!    Visit their brand new web-site at www.dardensdelights.com.  The family favorite here is the Darden’s Dangerously Delicious Fudge Pie and we can’t wait to see it on our table.   We are also ordering and sending to a few lucky people for Christmas this year.  A perfect gift.  A pie with a purpose, pass it on.

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