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Kinky Boots


Spring Break New York City 


Some of my favorites...

Date Night: Girl & The Goat


Now I finally understand why we could NEVER get reservations here.  Girl & The Goat is by far the best restaurant in Chicago.  We absolutely loved every dish we had.  It was an unbelievable food experience and the restaurant definitely lives up to all the hype, accolades and awards.  Even better, it was a dinner date with my daughter and we can’t wait to go back.

Some of my favorites...

Date Night: Wicked


Yes!  Football season has officially ended and tonight is the first free Friday for Date Night in months.  So, we are heading out to see one of my all time favorite musicals, Wicked.  I’ve been pre-gaming today playing the album on the Jambox singing loudly to all of the songs.  I need to get that out of my system so I don’t embarrass my husband tonight.  Cant’ wait!

Some of my favorites...

Date Night: Goo Goo Dolls Ravinia






I started the day downtown with my daughter.  We had a quick lunch at The Native Foods Cafe which was just oh so healthy.  I wish they would open one in the suburbs.  Next, we headed over to Sweet Mandy B’s.  I wanted to pick up a cake for Ravinia to pack in our picnic basket and plan on taking the leftovers to Michigan for the 4th.  The Goo Goo Dolls sang all my favorite songs.  In fact, we thought they were the main band for the evening and were surprised when they left the stage for Matchbox Twenty.  It was a chilly evening under the stars.  If you have never been to Ravinia, Google it, and put it on your summer bucket list.  It’s always on mine.

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Date Night: Fleetwood Mac




A birthday gift from my daughter!  The last time I saw Fleetwood Mac in concert?  Purdue University 1975, my freshmen year in college.  All four of my children know the words to Landslide one of my all time favorite songs and Number One on my iPod.  Can’t wait.  Thanks, Elle.

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Date Night: Big Fish


Big Fish opened in Chicago last night and it is fantastic.   I had seen the movie version years ago and really couldn’t imagine it as a musical play.  The set decoration, costumes and lighting are awesome.  The entire audience was leaning forward in their seats to watch some of the special effects.   It has been a long time since I’ve heard an audience ooh and aah during a play.  And of course at the end, you could hear people crying and sniffling throughout the theatre.  It is a very moving story between a father and his son.  The cast is excellent.  Norbert Butz, who played Fiyero in the original cast of Wicked, plays Edward Bloom.  And what a voice that man has.  My husband’s plane was late getting in so at the last minute my very good friend Bonnie was able to join me.  That, by far, was the best part of the evening.

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Date Night: Priscilla


Priscilla was a pleasant surprise.  The music was so very fun with a heart touching story.

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Date Night

Jekyll & Hyde

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The Rockettes



Radio City Music


Radio City Music 1

Family Christmas Outing 2012:  Radio City Musical Hall Christmas Spectacular

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Date Night Chicago

Book of Mormon

Dinner and a date just what I need about now.  Can’t wait to see what EVERYONE has been talking about.  This is sold out until March.  Let’s just hope the snow storms holds off until the end of the play.

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Date Night Chicago


Last night we went out for our annual Christmas Holiday concert by Straight No Chaser at The Chicago Theatre.  For those of you who haven’t heard their story, they will be on the Today show Friday, December 21st.  Set your DVR now to catch them live.   They are 10 young guys who started the Indiana University a cappella singing group in 1996.  While planning their 2006 ten year reunion, one of the members uploaded a 1998 filmed version of the 12 Days of Christmas.  It became a You Tube sensation with over 10 million hits and then Atlantic records came calling with a 5 album recording contract.  True Story.  These guys all had graduated from college, had jobs, lived all over the United States and one You Tube video later, they are rock stars.  This is one of the highlights of my Holiday season and last night was the best.

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Jay Pritzker Pavillion









Saturday night the Jay Pritzker Pavillion in Millennium Park Chicago.  An absolutely perfect evening listening to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

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