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Vintage Basket Earrings


This post is actually for my very good friend Erin at Just Grand.  Happy Birthday!  You have always been such a special friend and not just because we love to antique, paint and move furniture around our homes.  You are very kind, considerate and thoughtful.  I always appreciate your point of view and I feel that I am a better person because of you.  So thank you.  I hope you have a wonderful sunny, fun-filled day.  Love, K

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Sunday Evening


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Happy Mother’s Day


Best cake ever from Sweet Mandy B’s in Chicago

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Walk the Walk for Autism






Sunday Morning

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Texts from my Daughters




I think these two texts sum up Motherhood quite well.  Some days you win.  Some days you lose.

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Countdown to Easter


We are looking forward to seeing all of our children’s smiling faces tomorrow.

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Chicago Snow


For my parents in Florida, yes, it is finally winter in Chicago.  And still snowing.

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Back to School


Listen.  Do you hear it?  It’s the collective sigh of relief and sadness from mothers all over the Midwest who have 20 somethings that have returned to college.  Yes, we are just as happy to see them go as they are to return to their flocks.  Finally, no more curfews, no more nagging.  Here are some of the top statements I made this summer:

1.  It’s time to get up.  You don’t want to be late for work.

2.  Do you know how much it costs to eat at Sushi House when we have food in the refrigerator?

3.  I want this room picked up and all the dishes brought down to the sink now.

4.  These clothes need to be on hangers and not strewn all over the floor.

5.  You need to save your money for school if you expect to have any spending money this year.

6.  It’s 12 o’clock and a work night for your father.  That boy needs to go home now.

And yet, I would walk away and cringe slightly as I heard my own father’s voice in my ear.  It might have been 30 years ago, but I do remember wondering what is his problem?  And thinking, I wish he would relax and leave me alone.  So, this post is for two people.  Thanks Dad, you did a good job.  You were right when you said that someday when you have your own children you will understand.  I now do. And for my daughter, who I miss dearly, I love you.  I just want you to be happy and safe.  Now, time to hit the books and study.

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The Healing Power of Flowers







Thank you to all my good friends who have made meals, offered to cook, did my dishes, given rides to my son, sent cards,  phoned in, emailed, and sent flowers.  I really never knew how blessed I was.  I have been extremely touched by the support of my family and friends while recuperating here at home from surgery.  Hence, the healing power of flowers:  they really do make a person feel better.

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to the leader of our pack!

Location:  Olympic National Park, Washington

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Monday Morning

It’s Monday.  Need I say more?  I made the soap dispenser saying.  I’m not sure anyone here is listening.

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