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Friday Chance of Snow


It’s snowing, again.  I’ve been spending a little too much time in this kitchen.  I need to put the snowmen away, but just can’t shake that winter feeling.  Spring will come someday soon.  But for now, I think I’ll head out and do a little cross country skiing down the sidewalk.

Some of my favorites...

Hinsdale Kitchen Walk


Some of my favorites...

Christmas in the Kitchen






Today is a cooking day.  Everything is stacked up and after one more trip to the grocery store, we are good to go.  I’ve always loved the picture over the stove.  It reminds me to try and  contain myself over the holidays.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked yet.

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Some of my favorites...

Chalkboard Pantry Doors



Pantry Before Wendy's Visit


Pantry After Wendy's Visit


Before Organization


Shelves After Organization


I loved the idea of having a chalkboard in the mudroom and the pantry doors were the perfect canvas for the paint.  We leave each other messages, the grocery, chore and honey-do lists.    One day this summer I left this message for all the teenagers running through the house.

“If you take food out of the pantry, please put it away.”

Only to come home to find it changed to this:  “If you get food out of the pantry, enjoy it!”…………  Funny.

Today my friend Wendy came over after my 911 call to help me re-organize the pantry as it had gotten out way out of control.  She has a knack for knowing exactly how everything should be set up.  I didn’t even realize that we had a year’s supply of napkins, sandwich bags and tonic water.  Thank goodness for the tonic water!  Thanks Wendy!

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Some of my favorites...

My Red Mudroom

Mudroom During Construction


Mudroom After


The view from the kitchen


Red Mudroom with 4 Cubbies


Coming into the mudroom from the garage


Mom's Cubbie


Vintage Grocery Tag


Cubbies in real life


Chalkboard Pantry: A post for another day


It's all about the shoes!

My absolute all time favorite room in this house is the mudroom.  Painted red of course.  This was a bonus room for us as it was not planned.  While remodeling the kitchen we opened up the wall and knew we had a problem when we saw that steel post. Which lead to a quick “what do we do now” and out of that came this fantastic unplanned mudroom.  Can you believe it?  I still can’t.  Again, it is the hand that guides us.  6 people operated out of here daily.  It really is command central located off both the garage and kitchen.  It is a dream.  Just think, this all used to sit in my front hall when you walked in.  It is hard to imagine how you ever got through.  And believe me when I say, it’s all about the shoes!

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Collector’s Kitchen Part 3: Red










Continuing the kitchen makeover, this is the wall perpendicular to part 1 and 2.  I hope you enjoy my favorite part of the kitchen:  command central.  This is where most of the real kitchen work gets done.  I absolutely love the color red and this is where I spend most of my time.  Gene from Applewood Cabinets designed this area with my four kids in mind.  Each child has a drawer of their own.  And for me, a couple of glass display areas as well.  The kitchen is where we live.  It has everything we need and could possibly think of thanks to Gene!

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Some of my favorites...

Kitchen Wine Cork Board




Once the kitchen construction was done, we had one bare wall left in the kitchen.  If you know me, then you know there are no bare walls in this house.  So, I asked my two handy guys to make a bulletin board out of wine corks and an old vintage picture frame that I bought down at Jan’s Antiques in Chicago.  They ended up making wine cork bulletin boards for our entire family and one huge one for the kitchen.  And yes, we did have all of those corks lying around the house.  What else are you going to do when you are under construction?

                                                                                                                                                                       Materials:  Vintage Picture Frame,  Wine Corks, Plywood, Elmer’s Glue

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Collector’s Kitchen Part 2

Kitchen Before


Gene Sire from Applewood - The "Wizard" - My new kitchen in the background


My new kitchen in the "raw"


Ready and waiting for cabinets


Kitchen After

My husband, the real cook in the house, tells me that this is a very functional kitchen.  The collector in the house loves that fact that we can change out the display areas above the oven, the red cabinets, the refrigerator nooks and the coffee center.  I opted not to have a tiled back-splash.  This allows me to also change our pictures seasonally in the oven area.  Favorite colors in this house:  red and black.  I don’t do white.  The granite counters mimic the soapstone that wasn’t in the budget.  Gene from Applewood included some innovative details in the kitchen which I am saving for part 3.  Linking up to all the usual places, Wow us Wednesdays and No Minimalist Here.


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Hoosier Kitchen

Head’s up, Kitchen Part 2 will be up tomorrow.  5 more games to watch today.  Oh joy.

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