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The Cottage Makeover Begins!


After my mother passed away in March, I had a very difficult time pulling myself back together and moving forward.  We purchased our new old cottage in late October.  We had lived for 5 generations right next door.  It was a dream and a nightmare all at the same time.  I spent much time taking great care to make our new 1898 cottage as cheerful and happy as could be.  It was in hopes, that I too, may one day be cheerful and happy again.

Here are a couple of before pictures of the cottage living room:




My first thoughts were to remove the very large wall propane gas heater from the wall in order to free up both some wall space and lengthen the bench along with adding arms.  Our cottage next door was virtually the same floor plan, built about the same time, very similar, yet completely different.  I knew we wanted to spend our evenings at night reading on the bench in peace and quiet.  The picture below is the bench is progress.


After, many, many trips to TJ Maxx and the fabric store, here are the results for year one in our new cottage.  I hope you feel that it is as fun and happy as I wanted it to be.  I was able to finish the living room together in time for the first family gathering for the 1st of July.  More of the entire project to come.






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2015 the year to remember…

January 2015

We bought a hundred year old cottage in Michigan, right next door to the cottage we currently share with family.


And also spent most of January shopping for wedding dresses with the bride to be:


Joyous occasions!  Tomorrow, February and March

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My First Cherry Pie












So, what did I do on my summer vacation?  I made my first cherry pie!  My husband’s family has a small cherry orchard, so after almost 30 years of summers on the Old Mission Peninsula, I finally decided it was time to make my first cherry pie, in fact, my first pie ever.  I’ve been inspired by all the cooking Kristen at Knitionary is always doing.  I love to stop over and take in her dinner parties.  On my bucket list.  Anyway, one day in Sutton’s Bay, I saw this fun cherry pie cut-out and knew I had to try it.  So thank you to the girls over at The Front Porch, it’s a keeper.   We spent two weeks of fun in the sun and near the end of our stay, we stopped by the orchard, picked and pitted and I ended up making 3 pies for the family.  They look beautiful and even more surprising, they even tasted great.  I guess I will now have to make this a summer tradition.  Who knew?

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Suttons Bay Art Festival










The Suttons Bay Art Festival was this weekend.  It was a beautiful sunny cool day by the Bay.  Talented glass and pottery artists had plenty of wares on display.  Actually, there were so many to choose from, I couldn’t decide.  This show is always on my Summer To Do list.  Done.

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Northern Michigan


Lorey’s Flower Station, Bowers Harbor, Michigan

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Happy 4th of July






Happy 4th of July to all my family and friends enjoying this festive parade filled holiday!  We miss all who are not here today in Cherryland, but we are with you in spirit.  Bring on the sparklers.

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Cottage Porch Rug






While in Michigan this weekend, I took a break from cleaning the cottage and stopped by Pier One Imports.  They had some really cute colorful wicker chairs.  Chairs are something we have plenty of but the blue outdoor rug came home with me.

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The Cottages of Michiana Shores











Michiana-Shores-009 Michiana-Shores-006







Michiana Shores is by far one of the most enchanting villages in lower Michigan.   Development began in the 1930’s as a log cabin town for vacationers.  Many of the cottages were originally built as summer cottages for Chicago teachers.   Today, the new log cabins blend seamlessly with the old.   A perfect getaway.

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Michigan Cottage


Today we were in God’s country:  Michigan.  My friend has a wonderful lake house which is so warm and inviting.  We were lucky to spend the day on the back porch with a light breeze before the rain set in.  Lovely.  Black and Red, my kind of girl.

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Traverse City Michigan



Taking a road trip this week to the land of Cherry Pies for a little cottage time.    The artwork above is a photo of a sign taken at the Cherry Republic headquarters in Glen Arbor, Michigan.

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