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Striped Foyer




 It took a lot of tape and a lot of patience when I painted the stripes in my foyer.  My friend Diane would stop in and check out my progress.  She didn’t believe that I would ever get done.  Vintage stucco walls do not wallpaper well and I really wanted to see a pattern in the foyer.  I’m happy with the way it turned out.  Stripes are timeless.  The staircase pictures are changed out seasonally so the summer pictures are just about ready to go up.

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Privacy Please

Frosted Glass


Bathroom Mirror


Front Door Bath Window


Window Sprayed with Frosted Glass

Window Outside at Night

I have very few window treatments in our home.  I love light.  The front door bathroom window however, was a problem.  How do you keep the natural light but also have privacy in a bathroom?  The bathroom mirror is vintage and has an etched flower basket in the corner.  I decided to repeat this design in the window.  Using contact paper and painter’s tape to create the design, I sprayed it with the window frost then removed the the paper and tape with a razor blade.  Mission accomplished.

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Collector’s Kitchen Part 3: Red










Continuing the kitchen makeover, this is the wall perpendicular to part 1 and 2.  I hope you enjoy my favorite part of the kitchen:  command central.  This is where most of the real kitchen work gets done.  I absolutely love the color red and this is where I spend most of my time.  Gene from Applewood Cabinets designed this area with my four kids in mind.  Each child has a drawer of their own.  And for me, a couple of glass display areas as well.  The kitchen is where we live.  It has everything we need and could possibly think of thanks to Gene!

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Garage Sale Table Re-Do





I’m not sure these pictures need much explanation.  Who paints a Bull’s Eye on a table?  When I bought this oak table at a local garage sale for $10 and asked my husband to pick it up, he thought I had lost my mind.  However, not only did he get out the stripper, he did all the refinishing work along with glazing the rim of the table my favorite color:  red.  Two people operate successfully here.  The one with the vision and the person who executes that vision.  Linking to:  Furniture Friday, Metamorphis MondayVintage Inspiration Friday, Too Much Time On My Hands

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Collector’s Kitchen Part 2

Kitchen Before


Gene Sire from Applewood - The "Wizard" - My new kitchen in the background


My new kitchen in the "raw"


Ready and waiting for cabinets


Kitchen After

My husband, the real cook in the house, tells me that this is a very functional kitchen.  The collector in the house loves that fact that we can change out the display areas above the oven, the red cabinets, the refrigerator nooks and the coffee center.  I opted not to have a tiled back-splash.  This allows me to also change our pictures seasonally in the oven area.  Favorite colors in this house:  red and black.  I don’t do white.  The granite counters mimic the soapstone that wasn’t in the budget.  Gene from Applewood included some innovative details in the kitchen which I am saving for part 3.  Linking up to all the usual places, Wow us Wednesdays and No Minimalist Here.


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Master Bedroom Makeover Part 1

I am taking a Christmas shopping time out and decided to post ONE of the kajillion makeover projects that we have tackled since purchasing this 1928 house over 15 years ago.  I get motivation from my friend Erin at Just Grand.  She has this whole remodel/makeover syndrome down pat.  If you have heard the story “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”, that about sums up what happened in our master bedroom.  We started out with a bath remodeling project and ended up with an entire master bedroom suite makeover.  My husband is still trying to figure out what happened here.  So, for now, here’s just the bed part of the story.  The picture of the bed before.  Yes, I know, Country.  I hoard all of those 1980’s Country Living magazines.  I adored the bed I saw at Ethan Allen.  See the picture here.  But after taking out a window, pulling up the carpet, sanding floors and more, the bed was out of budget.   Krylon spray paint came to the rescue.  Final pictures are the bed after with the Christmas Cross Stitch Santa thrown in for the season.  Now, back to shopping and I’ll be back with the bath in the New Year.

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