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Flag Day


Happy Birthday Mom!

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Memorial Day 2014


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Happy Easter


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Vintage Memorial Day Postcards






Happy Memorial Day!

Vintage Memorial Day Postcards from my collection.

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Easter Postcards









Sharing a few from my postcard collection.

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Valentine Postcard Placemats


Valentine postcard placements made from vintage postcards.

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Labor Day

My guess is that lower Michigan is looking a lot like this vintage postcard today.

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Happy Memorial Day

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my young chicks.

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Re-Purposed Library Card Catalog








I actually do have have vintage library card catalog doing double duty in my home.  It houses my vintage postcard collection.  And no, not every drawer is full yet!  The bell collection resting on top of the cabinet was started in honor of my Theta sisters from Indiana University and reminds me of them every time I walk by.  Corinthians 13.  And finally, with the marble top it acts as server in the dining room every now and then.    I highly recommend them for use.

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Go Blue!



My Wolverine daughter heads back to the University of Michigan today just in time for the Sugar Bowl.  For Christmas, I made her a set of coasters from vintage football programs.  Mod Podge and Krylon are my favorite tools here at this house.    So, the kitchen pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.    Go Blue!

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Christmas Stairway


This is my last Christmas post for the 2011 year.  Yesterday, I overheard this conversation in my house between two 21 year old man-child’s.

“Ben, do you change the pictures in your house seasonally?”



Be still my heart.  The stairway features my favorite vintage Christmas church postcards.  It is one of those subtle reminders of what this holiday is truly about.

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