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LAX Spring


Yesterday, I left Florida it was 86 degrees.  Today back in Chicago, I photographed 3 outdoor Lacrosse games, it was 36 degrees.  Call me crazy.

Some of my favorites...

Let The Games Begin!


Beginning tonight, we will be sitting in front of the TV for the next 14 days watching the winter games.  So, I’ve pulled out my vintage Olympic style statue in honor of Sochi 2014.   Just something I happen to have in the house for special occasions.

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Chicago Blackhawks


My new T-Shirt.

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How I really spend my days…..


Three days a week you will find me on the side lines with camera in hand at my son’s Lacrosse games.  There is nothing vintage in Lacrosse.  As a former soccer Mom, I miss all my soccer families that we played with for 13 years.  Lacrosse is fairly new in our family and I am becoming a fan and making new friends along the way.  I could fill this Blog with sports pictures each week, but honestly, I see and hear enough sports on a daily basis in this house to last a lifetime.  My children have also stated that they have no desire to be featured on my Blog.   But hey, it’s my Blog.  So here’s a shot of my youngest in white on the left with the orange player all over him.  I love this picture.

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Big Ten Championship Games


Ohio State?  I would have never guessed Ohio State.  The Big Ten Championship games were held this weekend at the United Center.  The picture above is from Indiana’s game on Saturday.  Unfortunately, they lost to Wisconsin and there were plenty of unhappy Hoosiers after the game.   I just may have to reconsider my picks for this year’s NCAA tournament.

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Cross Country Skiing








It was such a beautiful snowy day that I headed out to Katherine Legge Memorial Park to do a little cross country skiing.  While there, I realized that 23 years ago today at this time I was delivering my second child, so Happy Birthday B!  I hope you are enjoying your day.  Love, Mom

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IU Hoosiers vs UNC Tar Heels



I’m not sure who is more excited about this game tomorrow night, the 16 year old life long Tar Heel fan or the IU graduate who remains a Bobby Knight fan.  Regardless, one of us will be wearing Cream and Crimson and the other Carolina Blue and there will be a lot of trash talking in the car ride down to Bloomington.  Nick’s here I come, get my bucket ready.  Go Hoosiers!

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March Madness



Let the games begin!  Someone in this house is a HUGE North Carolina fan.  Go figure.  It’s been this way since he was in third grade when he made that ceramic guy and continues today with the pictures on his bedroom wall.   However, there is only one person here that knows what Big Ten Hoosier basketball really looks like and she was on the Indiana campus in 1976 when they won the NCAA title.  So my picks have Indiana and North Carolina in the finals.  We’ll see.  Game on.

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Go Blue!



My Wolverine daughter heads back to the University of Michigan today just in time for the Sugar Bowl.  For Christmas, I made her a set of coasters from vintage football programs.  Mod Podge and Krylon are my favorite tools here at this house.    So, the kitchen pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.    Go Blue!

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