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Dressing My Watch


I decided it was time to give my Cornell Curvex vintage wristwatch a new look.  The red lizard band will be perfect for the Red Devil final season and all the red, white and blue holidays.

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NCAA and eBay


How else do you watch a final four game on a Saturday night?

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Curvex Watches










While at the mall on Sunday, I was trying to explain to my daughter why I did not want to go into the mall watch stores and look at overpriced watches.  Buy Vintage.  My newest vintage curvex watch is the Swiss made Monarch De Luxe watch which I purchased on the way home from Ann Arbor.  The best part of paying the tuition bill at the University of Michigan is there is this great antique mall along I94 and my husband knows it is a mandatory stop.  The Monarch watch has an unusual tri-faceted glass.  The cost of the watch $10.  In fact, all three of the above curvex watches were under $25.    The Elgin, $5 at a local Hinsdale estate sale, the Cornell, $25 at the Grayslake Flea Market, and the Monarch, $10 at The Great Lakes Antique Mall in Coloma, Michigan.  The watches were not running, but were easily repaired.  I love my watch repair guy; he’s great and loves vintage too.   And this post is for you Abby, any watch, you pick, but it has to be vintage.  Love, Mom

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What I’m Reading Now


Vintage Wristwatches by Reyne Haines.  Love, love, love this book.

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Friday Find: Bulova Watch


My new watch is a vintage 12kt gold filled Bulova Ladies wrist watch with 4 diamond chips.  Brimfield Flea Market:  $10.  And it works perfectly!

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Cornell Watch


I found this vintage Cornell watch the other day out at the Grayslake Flea Market.  It was not in working condition, but was gold-filled 17 Jewels and had a nice clear bubble glass.  A little TLC along with a new band it is working like a charm and looks brand new.   It is my new favorite thing which I am sharing with Mockingbird Hill Cottage and all my watch friends over at Collector’s Weekly.

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Vintage Moon Phase Watches

Time.  We never really have enough do we? Usually I am running late and leave the house at the last minute.  To combat this problem,  I set my watch ahead so that I am never late.  I do that with the clocks in the house and the car as well.   It drives my family crazy.  The clocks are all set different.  The kitchen clock is set to run 10 minutes ahead, the car is usually 7 minutes ahead and my watch is about 15 minutes ahead.    It works for me.

I cannot walk past a vintage moon phase watch at a flea market without taking a really good look at it and a few have come  home with me.  These were so very popular in the 1980’s and the year we were married we gave each other a moon phase watch.  This month we celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary.  Those moon phases signify so much more now.

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