2015 the year to remember…

January 2015

We bought a hundred year old cottage in Michigan, right next door to the cottage we currently share with family.


And also spent most of January shopping for wedding dresses with the bride to be:


Joyous occasions!  Tomorrow, February and March

Some of my favorites...

Blogland at Christmas

Vintage Child's Ice Skates 001

I’m sure most of you think I’ve given up on my Blog and disappeared.  Not quite.  I have disappeared, but I am not giving up on my Blog.  It will be awhile before I am back.  It’s been a very long emotional year.  We all have one of those every 20 years or so.  I’m cleaning out the attic tonight and found these adorable children’s vintage ice skates that I bought so long ago that I just cannot remember where.  That again is not like me.  I remember every moment of where I was and when.  I need to run.  My husband is calling.  There’s more to move.  But know, I’ll be back.  Enjoy the holidays!  And Peace to all.

Some of my favorites...

Cherryland: Traverse City Michigan


The land of plenty.  Cherries on the Old Mission Peninsula, Traverse City, Michigan.

Some of my favorites...

My Updated Washer and Dryer







Laundry, one of my least favorite household chores.  So, why does it have to be boring?  My philosophy at our summer cottage is life short and why not have some fun along the way.  My husband just shook his head after the new washer and dryer arrived.  Imagine his surprise when he headed out to put in a load of laundry.  The M?  for Mom of course!

Some of my favorites...

Framed Bathing Suits


Long time, no Blog.  I’ve been missing in action on my Blog and in my life.  Unfortunately, my mother passed away last month from lung cancer at age 86.  She always believed it was OK to smoke two cigarettes a day.  It was not OK.   We all miss her greatly and had a lovely celebration of her life.  Our relationship with our mother was complicated.  But then again, sometimes I think everyone’s mother daughter dynamics are.   My favorite place to be is out on the lake.  I grew up skiing on weekends in the summer with my entire family.  We would spend every Saturday and Sunday out on the boat.  My father in the water helping us learn how to ski, my mother driving the boat, while my siblings watched and waited for their turn.  My mother would pack lunch and fun snacks for the day.  I choose to remember the good times with my mother and sometimes that is very hard thing to do.    It was time to try and move out of the funk I’ve been in and do something I enjoy and continue to live the life I love.   So today, I worked on framing cute vintage style bathing suits for the cottage.   I bought them on Etsy and the frames were on sale at Hobby Lobby.   Life moves on.

Some of my favorites...

St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago






Yes, they really dye the river green!

Some of my favorites...

Antique Ice Skates


If you can get past looking at the price tag, the detailing on these antique ice skates is exquisite.  I just wish I had a pair with my name inscribed on them.   They certainly remind me of a Currier and Ives skating pond scene.   Ice skating on Tippy has always been my favorite winter pastime and I miss it every year.  See here.

Some of my favorites...

Vintage Heart Molds


It’s time to start the month of Love.

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Vintage: The New Yorker


I just finished framing three vintage The New Yorker magazine covers for the Michigan summer cottage.  Even though I love the black and red combination, I think I am going to spray paint the frames a vintage white.  The 50% off frame sale ends tomorrow at Hobby Lobby.  I’ll be making one more frame run in the morning.  I’ve had these covers for years.  Who knew I really would end up with a yellow cottage, porch swing and potting shed in real time.

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Pook & Pook Americana Auction

Pook and Pook Auction

Pook & Pook is having their Americana auction.  I’ve always wanted to go, however, they are located in Lancaster, PA and it was a little hard to explain to my husband since we live in Chicago.  It has been on my bucket list of things to do for years.  But, now I can go and so can you.  This Monday, the auction is “online only” at Bidsquare.   I’m there.

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The Year of the Quilt








In keeping with our New Year’s Day tradition, Erin, from Just Grand, and I kick off the year with an antique road trip to one of our favorite antique malls.  It also just happens to be the only mall open in the state of Illinois on New Year’s Day.   On my shopping list?  Vintage quilts for our summer cottage.  I found a very happy yellow Bear Claw quilt which was my buy of the day.  The red Wedding Ring quilt, I picked up from eBay in December.  Obviously, I like color.    To see Erin’s treasures, click here.   Why would anyone stay home and watch football all day?  I just don’t get it.   I love starting the year off spending time with a good friend and reflecting on the past year putting everything in perspective in the grand plan.  Refreshing.

Some of my favorites...

Wood Burned Spoons


Okay, these are definitely not as easy to do as they look.  This was my first attempt at wood burning spoons.  I now have great admiration for the wood burner crafters of the world especially those spoons on Etsy.  Whew!  I think you need a lot of practice and patience to do this right.  Patience is not my strong suit so this might just not be my medium.  So much for the “I can do that” mantra.

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