Cat Pin


I’m wearing my vintage cat pin today in honor of Ellie’s new kitten:  Cushie short for a name I just can’t remember.

Some of my favorites...

Countdown to the 4th of July


Sunday at Elkhorn.

Some of my favorites...

Antique Dresser Pull


Missing one.  Out to look for a match tomorrow.

Some of my favorites...

Estate Sale Thursday


Can you believe Estate Sales now start on Thursday?  So the weekend begins!  We saw this velvet tapestry sofa at an 100 year old Prairie style home in Wheaton.  It sold just as we walked into the house.  Next time.

Some of my favorites...

Postage Stamp Quilt




This is a lovely example of the vintage postage stamp quilt pattern.  Love the red!

Some of my favorites...

Flower Basket Salt & Pepper












My friend Linda told me a couple of years ago that she went out to find a vintage flower basket salt and pepper set and no one even knew what she was talking about.  Of course, my husband would say that’s because they are all in our house.  I never thought I would collect salt and peppers, but I now know, never say never.

Some of my favorites...

The Courtyard Summer Storage Sale

 Not only is this is great sale, but for such a good cause.  Wellness House provides free programs to support families whose lives are affected by cancer.  Go, and get there early.  So, here’s a quick peek at some items that will be available on Friday morning………………

Summer Storage Sale

Some of my favorites...

Flag Day

Happy Birthday Mom!

Some of my favorites...

Printers Row Book Fair 2014












Another beautiful day in Chicago and we attended one of my favorite events, The Printers Row Book Fair.  I always manage to find something unique and this weekend was no exception.  My traveling companions walked just a little too fast for me.  Who can read the book titles at that speed?  The hand tooled leather journals were lovely and you can always find a nice selection of vintage books including my childhood favorites, The Nancy Drew Mysteries.  Love them.   Yes, summer in Chicago, it’s here.

Some of my favorites...

My New Obsession


I think these 1930′s Hubley doorstops by Anne Harriet Fish are adorable.   Next time they ask, I will let my kids know what I’m looking for.

Some of my favorites...

Waterlogue App


I spent the day working my garage sale and to entertain myself when there was a lull in the action, I played with my new Waterlogue app.  Great fun, this settee looks fabulous any way you shake it.

Some of my favorites...

Kane County in May










Blue was the operative word today at the Kane County Flea Market.  I had my daughter in mind as it is one of her favorite colors.  My husband doesn’t see it yet, but I can picture her in my mind’s eye sitting on the settee in white for her wedding portrait.  It will be beautiful and so will she.

Some of my favorites...

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